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Another popular element of modern homes and buildings these days is a timber carport — whether it is attached as an integral part of the property or as a free-standing carport structure. Customers can choose from numerous designs for wooden carports, depending on their budget and personal taste. 

Carport Australia offers different designs of carports using timber, ensuring quality and long-lasting installations all over Sydney. But before you decide that you want a timber carport, it is always best to understand the basics of timber-made carports first before making a financial investment.

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We take care of everything, from the beginning to the end of the project. All you need to do is specify the design you want and we’ll take it from there. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the carport installation goes according to the client’s requirements.

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Carport Australia has an extensive experience when it comes to designing and installing carports, providing us the capability to build carports of varying designs. Whether you want a traditional timber carport or one that’s entirely unique to your property, we can handle the job for you.

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Advantages of a Timber Carport

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Timber carport is one of the more popular carport options in Australia because of the benefits that it brings. Here are some of the advantages of a timber carport. 

It is environment-friendly. 

This is probably the biggest advantage of timber. Since timber is a renewable resource, this type of carport is a great option for customers that are environment-conscious. Timber also requires relatively little energy to produce and can be recycled. 

It is easy to repair and replace. 

A steel carport might be less likely to get damaged in the short term, but repairs can be complicated. Timber carports, on the other hand, are easier to repair. You can fix and replace portions in smaller jobs without as much hassle as when you’re repairing other types of carports. 

Timber looks great. 

One of the big appeals to a timber carport is the way it looks. The wood provides an antique and rustic image that can enhance the overall appearance of your entire property. 

It can aesthetically merge with gardens. 

If you’re particular about how the carport will blend into your backyard or garden, using timber is the perfect choice. Timber carports won’t stick out when placed in the middle of your garden, saving you from an eyesore. 

It is easier to install. 

Timber is light in weight and is suited to prefabrication. It also costs less to transport and is easy to instal using simple handheld tools. 

Carport Australia designs and builds timber carports that are made of timber that has been properly treated and maintained, making them highly resistant to various weather conditions. Aside from its functionality, timber carports can also improve the aesthetic value of your property because of its natural beauty and eco-friendly characteristics. This type of carport is also sustainable, making it a popular choice among ecological conscious clients. 

Popular Designs of Timber Carports

pitched or gable roof carport installation in Sydney
Pitched or gable roof carport

The uses and benefits of a timber carport generally depend on the timber structure. That is why it is helpful to be familiar with the different timber carport designs that are available today to know more about your options. 

  • Gable roof carports. Gable roof carports are a type of timber carport that features a roof with two sloping sides that meet at the ridge, forming a triangular point when viewed from the front.
  • Attached carports. An attached carport is the most common timber carport design, especially for properties with a small backyard space. Attached timber carports are also easier to construct and finish. 
  • Free standing carports. A free standing or standalone timber carport is a good option for properties with wider space. 
  • Flat roof carports. This modern and slick timber flat roof carport is easy to maintain with its slightly angled roof pitch, letting leaves, twigs, and other debris to roll off and not build up on the roof of the carport.

Quick Facts

What is a timber carport?

A timber carport is one that is made of wood. Some of the types of timber usually used include Redwood, Cedar, Hemlock, among others. One of the common misconceptions about timber carports is that they don’t last and will rot easily. However, a lot of people do not realise that timber carports today are designed to be extremely durable and sturdy. As a matter of fact, wood or timber is a naturally durable construction material that is widely used for building purposes. On top of this, timber also incorporates inherent insulation, making it a perfect material for carports.

What are timber carports used for?

A lot of timber carports are designed for multiple functions instead of what may seem their usual function on the surface. Here are some of the contemporary uses of timber carports:

  1. Car storage and parking – The main purpose of a timber carport is for vehicle storage and parking space, providing protection against the weather elements.
  2. Equipment storage – Aside from protecting your vehicle, a timber carport can also be designed for other functions, such as storage for bulky equipment and tools. 
  3. Liveable space – Timber carports can be a stand-alone feature or integrated into your property. They can also be converted into a liveable space, like a media room or home office.
Why should you choose a timber carport?

Aside from its functionality, timber carports can also improve the aesthetic value of your property because of its natural beauty and eco-friendly characteristics. This type of carport is also sustainable, making it a popular choice among ecological conscious clients.

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