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COLORBOND® Fence Extension

Is your fence not high enough to give you privacy or does your neighbour’s pet love to jump over to your place? You don’t have to get a new fence, you just need a fencing extension.

Carport Australia provides a simple solution for increasing the height of your existing Colorbond fence for increased security and privacy. Our fence extensions are made entirely in Australia and can be easily added to your existing fence.

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    COLORBOND® Fence Extension and Gate - Lattice, Extended Panels, and More

    COLORBOND® modular design makes it much easier to add new additions than traditional fencing solutions. We have been a COLORBOND® installer in Sydney for several years and can offer a comprehensive service for adding to existing fencing. We can help you transform COLORBOND® fencing to meet your new needs quickly, safely, and affordably, whether matching original colours or adding contrast.

    Our fence extensions are available in a wide range of colours to complement your existing fencing. A simple, stylish, practical, and elegant fencing solution.

    Let us know your preferred fence extension design. We install all types of Colourbond steel fence extension. Share your pins to us thru chat!

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    Warranty & Aftercare Services

    Aside from the 10-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, professional COLORBOND® installers also offer warranty for the installation itself. Make sure to ask your installer what the warranty covers and how long it lasts. 

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    COLORBOND® Quality

    Professional installers only use 100% authentic COLORBOND® fences, which you can verify by checking the COLORBOND® logo. This ensures that the fence will last for a long time.

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    Australia Building Code Compliant

    Fence installation needs to adhere to local building codes and local council regulations. It’s crucial to notify them of your plans and familiarise yourself with the Dividing Fences Act 1991. The height of the rear and side boundary fences must not exceed 1.8 meters. When you work with a professional installer, you can ensure that the fence you are going to install will comply with local and national standards. 

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    Custom Fence Extension Designs

    Fencing professionals can recommend COLORBOND® profiles that are best suited to your objectives, property, and surroundings. Aside from that, the specialists provide placement and style recommendations based on their extensive knowledge. You’re more likely to achieve the best visual results if you hire an expert. Your fence would undoubtedly survive a long time and fulfill its job.

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    COLORBOND® Fence Extension

    Can you extend the height
    of a COLORBOND® fence?

    The first point to clarify is what you intend to do with the fence. If the fence is for pool safety, there are very strict rules that must be followed. If you want to increase privacy or security, you should stick to the general fencing rules.

    The number one secret to successfully increasing the height of your fence without encountering problems later is to reach an amicable agreement with your neighbours. If both parties agree, the council will rarely intervene, as long as your fence remains normal.

    Here’s a trivia: A large percentage of small claims court claims involve disputes over dividing fences.

    Local Council Fence Regulations

    Most councils, including NSW, have a maximum height of 2m for dividing fences. The 2-meter rule primarily applies to solid fences with no holes, gaps, or other imperfections. However, most councils will allow a non-solid screen to extend beyond the 2-meter limit. This enables the use of lattices, slats, trellis, creepers, and other similar structures.

    Increasing the height of your fence benefits both neighbours by providing additional privacy, security, shade, or whatever reason you choose. However, your neighbour is not required to pay half the cost of increasing the height of the fence. This will almost certainly be your responsibility. This relates to the previous point: try to reach an amicable agreement with your neighbour (if possible).

    Full Warranty & AfterCare Follow-up

    All our building and renovation works are covered by statutory warranties under the Home Building Act​

    COLORBOND® Fence Extension Kits

    Fence Extension Tips for Sydney Homeowners

    How can you raise a fence without ruining its appearance? The trick is to avoid extending the fence and making it identical to the bottom half. You may want a solid backyard fence for privacy, but if the fence is at or above eye level, a solid fence extension is unnecessary. Lattice is an excellent choice for a fence extension.

    Lattice is another option for making a COLORBOND® fence taller. COLORBOND® fencing in Sydney is available in a variety of powder-coated colours. Although new, taller posts may be required, the lattice tops of Colorbond fence extensions are designed to be easily joined to the rest of the fence.

    COLORBOND® fence height extensions may be affected by the height of the posts, but you don’t have to start from scratch if the posts aren’t tall enough. There are methods for adding extensions to existing posts. The new posts will blend in with the old if the extension is done correctly.

    How do you add an extension to a COLORBOND® fence?

    A fence extension can provide welcome privacy for your outdoor spaces while also increasing property security.

    While the standard install height for Colorbond fencing is 1800mm, you can add privacy and security to your boundary fencing with fence extensions that raise the finished height to 2100mm for a small investment.

    Remember to consult with your neighbour before beginning work on any changes to a shared boundary. It’s the right thing to do, and they may even agree to split the bill. It is also a good idea to contact your local government.

    You can use the maximum height panel alone, or you can add elements to the top or bottom, such as retaining plinths or lattice screening, to increase the height of smaller panels.

    To determine your material list, measure your existing fencing. Simply count how many sheets, uprights, and rails you have. That is the quantity of each item required in the extension kit. Simply count the number of uprights you have, halve it, and add one to get the number of plate brackets (for the end).

    Remember that some sections (from upright to upright) will be shorter or longer than others, so measure the rails and order the appropriate lengths. Remember that you may need to cut some to fit.

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    COLORBOND® fencing makes it simple to achieve your desired look. With 14 colours to pick from, matching your fence to the colours of your home is simple. COLORBOND® steel fencing is available in a variety of panel shapes and patterns, and it looks excellent on both sides of the fence thanks to its elegant lines. It won't have any vertical gaps, obvious footholds, or loose palings if it's installed correctly. You can also customize the design of your fence or gate by adding lattice, slats, and post caps.

    A COLORBOND® steel fence will not rot, will not be eaten by termites, and will not burn. It's also low-maintenance, so you won't have to spend time painting, oiling, or changing palings once it's up and running. Choose a Colorbond steel fence to improve the privacy and security of your home for many years to come.

    Colorbond fencing costs ranging from $11.00 to $60.00 per metre, depending on panel size and style. Fixtures, post caps, and cement also add to the cost. You also need to consider the installation fee, which ranges from $65 to $100 per metre if you hire fencing contractors in Sydney.

    Factors that affect the cost of Colorbond fencing include: 

    • The project's complexity
    • Size of the fence, location, and time required
    • The ground area's slope
    • Material selection
    • Mixing of ingredients

    Call (02) 8005 5703 to request a quote for COLORBOND® fencing in Sydney.

    The Australian environment is what inspires COLORBOND® Steel steel fencing profiles. The different COLORBOND® Steel fencing options are created using Australian colours, which might be subtle, bold, light, dark, cool, or warm.  

    You can choose from classic, contemporary, metallic, and matte palettes. Special finishes, such as COLORBOND® Steel Ultra (for coastal applications), are also available in addition to the traditional range.

    A COLORBOND® fence should last over 20 years if installed properly, according to the manufacturer's instructions, and with well-placed footings. Several manufacturers and COLORBOND® fence installers provide different warranties and quotes  for the various components of COLORBOND® fencing:

    • COLORBOND® fence panels - 20-year warranty
    • Colour fastness -10 years
    • Other steel attachments, such as the plinth and lattice - 10 years
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