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Carport Australia is one of the most trusted carport contractors in Sydney. We build design and build carports using genuine COLORBOND® steel from Bluescope Steel Australia. We take the time to get to know our customers, so we can offer the correct carport solution at a reasonable price, backed by expert advice. 

For a COLORBOND® carport quote, please talk to our team today! Feel free to text us or call (02) 8005 5703.

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    COLORBOND® Steel Carport
    Installation in Sydney

    COLORBOND®  is a of high-grade steel that’s designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. This is why it’s the most recommended material for carport installations in SydneyCOLORBOND®  Steel is available in 14 colours and three sheet profiles, including MiniScreen, Metline, and Trimclad – to accommodate a wide range of needs. Request an estimate for your carport project. Text us or call (02) 8005 5703 to consult our carport builders!

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    Custom Carport Designs

    Our team of carport builders can design and customise any carport design for residential and commercial properties in Sydney. We use COLORBOND® steel that is highly suitable for the Australian climate.

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    COLORBOND® Steel Material

    We install carports using 100% authentic COLORBOND® steel, which you can verify by checking the COLORBOND® logo. This guarantees that the carport will last for a long time.

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    Australia Building Code Compliant

    While building codes vary from local council to council, Carport Australia is always code compliant. If you need help sorting through all the building code information that’s out there, we’re happy to help.


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    Warranty & Aftercare Services

    Aside from the 10-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, professional COLORBOND®, our carport installation is guaranteed to last for 20 years! Contact us and ask about our warranty for more details.

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    COLORBOND® Steel Fencing

    COLORBOND® Carport Types​

    An insulated roof carport is a type of carport shed that’s build using insulated roof panels and COLORBOND® steel. A carport that is insufficiently insulated means that a lot of energy is wasted. Proper insulation keeps the carport warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

    Non Insulated Carport

    free standing carport installation in Sydney

    Proper insulation also controls condensation which helps avoid build-up of hazardous mold and reduces corrosion in metals. This is very important, especially for timber carports and steel carports. Steel metal roofing can be highly resilient to the weather elements, but it is also a highly conductive material. This reaction is what allows the freezing temperature to permeate the carport during winter and the scorching heat during summer. Installing an insulated roof carport is the best method to block these heat transfers and to control condensation.

    Insulated roof carports also control noise within the structure. The better insulated the structure is, the less likely for sound to come through. Generally, insulated roof carports are all about your comfort. Whether it’s noise management or temperature control, this type of carport will definitely leave you feeling cool and comfy. 

    There are several materials you can choose for your insulated roof carport, but the three most common insulation types in Australia include reflective or thermal insulation, foam board, and fiberglass. Make sure to consult with your install which material is best for the design that you want and the use of the area. 

    The cost and effectiveness of the various types of insulation differ according to the quality of the materials used. Transfer of heat generally occurs through the roof and ceiling, so you need to choose materials that offer high levels of insulation.

    Insulated roofing carports are a revolutionary technology that incorporates colour steel roofing with insulation. Some of the advantages of insulated roof carports are:

    Improved comfort

    Insulated roof carports help regulate the temperature inside your carport. It keeps the interior cooler during summer and warmer during winter, making sure that your carport maintains the ideal temperature. 

    Energy efficient

    Insulated roof carports are energy efficient because you don’t have to blast your car’s air conditioning system just to lower the temperature faster. This means that you can minimise your emissions. 

    Design flexibility

    Insulated roof carports come in various styles and designs. They can be built using various materials in various colours and finishes, as long as the insulation property is maintained. The great thing about insulated roof carports is that they can be installed with custom modular widths without worrying about whether it will be too cramped or hot inside. With such a wide array of designs, you definitely find the carport style that suits your requirements. 

    Easy installation

    Insulated roof carports are as easy to install as other carport types. The only difference here is the material used for the roofing, which boosts insulation within the carport. The dimensions of the carport can be also customised according to your needs. 


    The manufactured panels used for insulated roof carports are rigid and durable. They are highly resistant to weather and abuse, so your carport can last for several years without needing a replacement. Insulated roof carports are ideal for those located in areas or suburbs that experience severe weather conditions, including snowstorms, hail, too much sun, and heavy winds. Insulated roof carports also provide exceptional fire resistance. Insulated panels are manufactured using non-combustible materials, preventing the spread of fire to your property. Fire-resistant roofing is a requirement if your carport is located in an area that is prone to bushfires.

    Cost efficient

    Insulated roof carports are more cost effective because of the energy savings you get in the long term. They significantly reduce your maintenance expenses and energy bills. 

    Full Warranty & AfterCare Follow-up

    All our building and renovation works are covered by statutory warranties under the Home Building Act​

    COLORBOND® Steel Fencing

    What Are The Benefits Of COLORBOND® Steel?

    COLORBOND® steel is a highly recommended material when building a carport in Sydney. COLORBOND® steel can withstand extreme weather conditions, particularly a combination of wind, hail, and rain. Feel free to consult our team to learn more about the benefits of using COLORBOND® steel for your carport.

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    Rot and Rust Resistant

    COLORBOND® rails are made of high-quality steel, so you won’t have to worry about the carport being destroyed by harsh weather conditions.

    thumbs up quoteEasy Maintenance

    You’ll be thrilled to find that COLORBOND® Steel requires very little upkeep. All you need to do is rinse the carport with warm water from time to time to keep dirt from accumulating. 

    Steel also survives far longer than other materials and colours stick to it so well that they don’t fade over time. A COLORBOND® carport doesn’t need to be repainted every year.

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    Eco-Friendly and Multifunctional

    COLORBOND® steel is made from highly recyclable steel material, allowing it to be upcycled or reused when needed. Steel components minimises the reliance on petroleum-based products, as well as the mining of raw resources.

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    Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

    COLORBOND® steel offers protection from UV rays that can damage your car’s paint. Excess heat can warp any car’s plastic and metal parts, while debris or frozen hail from a storm can do even worse. Carports made from durable COLORBOND® steel can offer that much-needed protection from the elements.

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    Yes, our carport installation is guaranteed to last for 20 years! Contact us and ask about our warranty for more details.

    Carports can be made out of a variety of materials including brick, timber and steel. However, the most popular material our carport builders in Sydney prefer is Colourbond steel as it lasts far longer than other materials.

    Colourbond steel is easy to maintain and offers five layers of protection. It’s quite sustainable too, offering thermal efficiency which makes them perfect for use in carports. Colourbond steel has been tested in extreme Australian weather conditions and performs well even in fire conditions, meaning it’s beneficial for bushfire season too.

    In short, Colourbond is what we usually use here at Carport Australia to construct the best carports Sydney-wide.

    Carport Australia has been building quality carports in Sydney for 30 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced carport builders have all worked on their fair share of carports with rave reviews from customers all over Sydney. You can rely on us to complete a job well done.

    Yes, our carport builders in Sydney will be fully insured when they arrive on your property. Our builders are well-trained experts in building premium carports. So, rest assured that your car’s new home is in good hands.

    Yes, Carport Australia’s timeline and delivery program for your carport is only 7 days end-to-end. We make sure you’re “in the know” every step of the way, following our simple 5-step system:

    1. Get a quote / Accept the quote
    2. We’ll order all the materials required
    3. Book in an install date that’s convenient for you
    4. Installation begins
    5. Complete aftercare follow up and site clean-up

    And that’s it… in only 7 days you’ll have a brand new custom carport. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

    Our carport builders Sydney-wide will not only work hard to build your carport in a flash, but we’ll also take care of the clean-up. Your driveway won’t look like a construction site for long! 

    However, keep in mind that if your carport job is particularly large (such as a commercial project), we do charge extra for an additional bin to do the cleaning.

    Yes, custom carport design is our specialty. Your new carport should feel like an extension of your home, not an eyesore that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Our carport builders in Sydney are here to work with you to design a custom carport that matches your home, style and aesthetic while fitting in perfectly to the size and shape of your unique property.

    No. Our sales team does not get paid in commissions meaning you can trust our opinion, only offering advice we feel would benefit you.

    No, our customers should attain all council or planning approvals for their new carport based on their suburb and specifications. It’s best not to assume that you can build a carport anywhere on your property. There are some regulations to follow. However, we can help point you in the right direction. Contact our friendly staff for any questions you might have about building approvals.

    Read our Sydney Carport Building Code Quick Facts here.

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