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We’ll build your dream carport in as little as 7 days, increasing the value of your home and protecting your car from the elements. Don’t let your carport look like an afterthought. Let us help you build a true extension of your home with Carport Australia.

We’re your local carport builders in Sydney, offering custom carport designs with everything from a modern free-standing carport to a traditional brick carport shed. 

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For over 30 years, we’ve been designing and building carports in Sydney. We install quality, modern attached carports, free standing carports, and custom-designed carport sheds.

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Below is a list of our main services. We customise, design, and build your dream carport.

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Building your dream carport

Where to Start

To choose the best carport for you, you’ll want to opt for both functionality and design. In other words, you’ll want a carport that gets the job done and looks good doing it. At Carport Australia, our carports can be fully customised to ensure you’re getting the best of both. Check our carport installation process here.

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Determine what you need.

The first step towards choosing a carport is determining what exactly you need. Do you need a carport for one car, two cars, or an entire carpark of cars? Is this carport for a home or for a business? What environmental factors are at play in your area? These are all important questions to ask to help determine what exactly you need from a carport. 

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Consider the style options.

Next, you’ll have loads of style options to choose from. And remember, Carport Australia carports are fully customisable. From a dome-shaped carport to a timber carport, there are countless styles to match your home or business’ aesthetic. 

number 3Get a quote.

Once you’ve got a better understanding of what you need and which styles you like, it’s time to contact Carport Australia for an obligation-free quote. Our friendly, experienced carport builders in Sydney come to you to take measurements and you’ll get a competitive quote. Then, we’ll take it from there. Contact our team today!

Carport Warranty & AfterCare Follow-up

All our building and renovation works are covered by statutory warranties under the Home Building Act​

Why Carport Australia?

We’re your local carport builders, Sydney! And we’re excited to help you design a carport for your home that doesn’t look like an afterthought or cookie-cutter addition. 

By working with you to design a carport that matches your home and personal style, you’ll not only be protecting your car and other valuable items from the elements, but you’ll truly be elevating your home and increasing its market value at the same time. But you might still be wondering, why Carport Australia? Well, here are a few of the main reasons we stand out from the crowd.

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High-Quality, Strong Carports

Using premium materials and expert craftsmanship, our carport builders in Sydney are known to install only the strongest, most high-quality carports for your home or business. We’ve been in the business of building carports for 30 years and our carport installation is second-to-none.

Our carports will stand the test of time and look amazing in the meantime. We’ve got an eye for design with the touch of expert hands and they come together to give you the best of both worlds. So, if you’re after a durable carport that enhances the look of your home, you know who to call.

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Hassle-Free Installation

Some might shy away from installing a new structure on their property because they assume the carport installation process will be a huge hassle. At Carport Australia, we make the process quick and hassle-free. In other words, your driveway won’t be a construction site for long.

In as little as 7 days, you’ll have a fully functioning, beautiful carport without so much as lifting a finger. We understand that you’re putting a lot of trust in us, so we do our part to make the installation process as pain-free as possible.

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Certified Installers

All our carport builders Sydney-wide are certified installers meaning you can rely on their skills and expertise to get the job done right. And they’re friendly, too!

From beginning to end our builders take care of everything, from measuring your space and offering an obligation-free quote to cleaning up the mess after your new carport is ready to go, you can rest assured that our carports are safe, durable and built to last.

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Building Code Compliant

While building codes vary from council to council, we are always code compliant. Simply let us know your area’s local regulations and we’ll meet them with ease. Plus, if you need help sorting through all the building code information that’s out there, we’re happy to help.

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Custom Designs

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter carport that looks like an afterthought. Your carport should be seen as part of your home, not an obvious addition that looks out of place. Carport Australia offers custom designs that match your home or business aesthetic and fit in perfectly with the style and quality of your home. Far more than just a shed, our carports stand out for the right reasons.

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Cashless Payment

In the wake of the global pandemic, we can never be too careful. We want to ensure you feel safe while dealing with Carport Australia. So now, we offer cashless payment and contact-free carport installation. Leave it to us and you’ll have a new carport on your property without even realising we were there!


Yes, our carport installation is guaranteed to last for 20 years! Contact us and ask about our warranty for more details.

Carports can be made out of a variety of materials including brick, timber and steel. However, the most popular material our carport builders in Sydney prefer is Colourbond steel as it lasts far longer than other materials.

Colourbond steel is easy to maintain and offers five layers of protection. It’s quite sustainable too, offering thermal efficiency which makes them perfect for use in carports. Colourbond steel has been tested in extreme Australian weather conditions and performs well even in fire conditions, meaning it’s beneficial for bushfire season too.

In short, Colourbond is what we usually use here at Carport Australia to construct the best carports Sydney-wide.

Carport Australia has been building quality carports in Sydney for 30 years. Our knowledgeable and experienced carport builders have all worked on their fair share of carports with rave reviews from customers all over Sydney. You can rely on us to complete a job well done.

Yes, our carport builders in Sydney will be fully insured when they arrive on your property. Our builders are well-trained experts in building premium carports. So, rest assured that your car’s new home is in good hands.

Yes, Carport Australia’s timeline and delivery program for your carport is only 7 days end-to-end. We make sure you’re “in the know” every step of the way, following our simple 5-step system:

  1. Get a quote / Accept the quote
  2. We’ll order all the materials required
  3. Book in an install date that’s convenient for you
  4. Installation begins
  5. Complete aftercare follow up and site clean-up

And that’s it… in only 7 days you’ll have a brand new custom carport. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Our carport builders Sydney-wide will not only work hard to build your carport in a flash, but we’ll also take care of the clean-up. Your driveway won’t look like a construction site for long! 

However, keep in mind that if your carport job is particularly large (such as a commercial project), we do charge extra for an additional bin to do the cleaning.

Yes, custom carport design is our specialty. Your new carport should feel like an extension of your home, not an eyesore that stands out for all the wrong reasons. Our carport builders in Sydney are here to work with you to design a custom carport that matches your home, style and aesthetic while fitting in perfectly to the size and shape of your unique property.

No. Our sales team does not get paid in commissions meaning you can trust our opinion, only offering advice we feel would benefit you.

No, our customers should attain all council or planning approvals for their new carport based on their suburb and specifications. It’s best not to assume that you can build a carport anywhere on your property. There are some regulations to follow. However, we can help point you in the right direction. Contact our friendly staff for any questions you might have about building approvals.

Read our Sydney Carport Building Code Quick Facts here.

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