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Carport Australia is the smart choice if you want to expand your current outdoor entertainment area, protect your furniture, or simply have a comfortable, relaxing outdoor space to enjoy. Our craftsmanship ensures you spend time outside doing what you love by providing style, privacy, security, and protection from the elements. 

Continue scrolling to see all popular patio roof types in Sydney NSW. For enquiries, feel free to text us or call (02) 8005 5703.

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    Popular Patio Roof Types in Sydney

    Our design consultants have extensive industry experience. They are knowledgeable enough to advise you on the best option for your home, especially if you are looking for different ideas and concepts to help you make your final design decision. After all, your project will increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars, so make the best decision possible.

    Finding the best patio roofing solution can be tricky because there are a lot of factors to consider, such as style, materials, design, and others. We recommend that you discuss your options with our roofing experts. Choose from the popular styles or customise your own. Feel free to text us or call (02) 8005 5703 for a FREE Estimate.

    Here are the different patio roofing options that we offer

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    carport australia faviconInsulated Patio Roof

    It’s great to be outside and enjoy the weather, but what if it gets a little too hot? You’ll be perfectly protected from the heat with our insulated patio roofs, and with their waterproof design, you’ll also be comfortable when the weather changes!

    Made with insulated roof panels, this type of patio roofing provides extra insulation in both hot and cold weather. In hot weather, insulated Alfresco roofs keep the sun from beating down from above, while in cooler weather, they keep heat from escaping as quickly. They can also reduce rain noise and prevent excessive condensation buildup.

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    Flat or Sloping Patio Roof

    With the smooth, simple, uncluttered lines of the flat roof, you can create a functional outdoor living area that will enhance your home and lifestyle. The adaptable flat roof system can be designed to cover any area around the house.

    It works well as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a gable roof, curved roof, or pergola system. It can be used as a verandah, patio, or pergola and is available as a freestanding structure or attached to the house.

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    Skillion Roof

    The skillion roof design is distinctive in that it has only one flat surface. This patio roof style differs from a standard flat roof in that it has a steeper and more noticeable pitch. A skillion roof is also known as a ‘shed roof’ in Australia.

    The cost is by far the most significant advantage of a skillion patio. Skillion patio prices are very reasonable, especially if you work with the right skillion patio specialists in Sydney. Flat roofing is the most cost-effective and easiest to install.

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    Gable & Combination of Skillion/Gable

    The symmetrical triangular shape created at the top of the building by the two roof panels distinguishes a true gabled roof. These two panels should be pitched so that they form a ridge in the center of the building. The sloping shape of the gabled roof makes it popular in snowy areas; the steeper the slope, the easier the snow will slide off.

    Gable and skillion roof combination is another option. A combination roof design typically employs a gable section of roof for the main entryway of the covered area and skillion sections to cover the remainder of the patio or deck.

    flat roof steel carport with solar panels

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    Flyover Style Roof

    A Flyover roof is a skillion-style roof that extends over the top of your existing house gutter, allowing for increased ceiling height and ventilation. The flyover roof can be attached to your house or stand-alone, and it can slope towards or away from your house.

    The underside ceiling is also sloped to maximize the available ceiling height in your outdoor area. A Flyover patio roof can provide you with a modern, sleek, and cost-effective way to expand your outdoor living space.

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    Louvered Patio Roof

    A louvered roof, also known as an opening roof, is made up of horizontal slats that can be opened, closed, or angled to allow in just the right amount of light and air while shielding an area from direct sunlight, rain, and, to some extent, noise. Louvers move from fully open to fully closed with the touch of a button for the ultimate shade/cover solution.

    A louvered roof is truly unique in that it allows homeowners complete control over their outdoor living space. Patios can be completely shaded and protected from the weather elements when closed, but angled or partially angled positions allow for daylight filtering and free airflow.

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    Below is a list of our outdoor patio services. We customise, design, and build patio roof or awning, patio and pool fence, and carports.

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    Patios provide a convenient way for families to enjoy the outdoors, but with the right roof or cover installed, you can do so even more comfortably. Patio roofs also referred to as patio covers, are an excellent addition to any patio or deck.

    A patio roof or cover can transform your home by creating an indoor/outdoor space that allows you to enjoy the benefits of ‘outdoor’ living that Australia is famous for. When you first have a patio cover installed, you may feel like you are on vacation when you step out onto the patio for a BBQ or an afternoon read. However, your patio quickly becomes a part of your home, and the extended living area becomes one of your home’s most frequently used parts.

    A patio roof from Carport Australia provides your family with a shady haven to read a book, enjoy an alfresco meal, a UV ray-free play area for the kids, and an excellent, relaxed entertainment area for you and your family and friends.

    Carport Australia is Sydney’s leading company when it comes to designing, supplying, and constructing a wide range of high-quality outdoor areas such as awnings, patios, pergolas, screens, and blinds. We are dedicated to providing a dependable and honest service that is tailored to your specific requirements.

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