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Gable Roof Carport Builders in Sydney

Installing a carport adds value to your property while creating a protected space where you can keep your car or store big equipment. There is a wide range of carport designs that lets you customise the size and look for your home, and gable roof carport is one of the more popular options. 

Gable roof carports are those whose roofs have two sloping sides that meet together at the top. These sloping sides look like a triangle when you look at them from the front. You can choose to have a standard gable roof or Dutch gable roof, depending on your space, requirements, and budget. Gable roof carports are popular because they can complement the property beautifully.

Gable roof carport builders in Sydney

What Is a Gable Roof Carport?

A gable roof carport is famous for its two sloping sides that meet at the top, forming a ridge. This type of roof easily sheds water, debris, and snow, making them perfect for snowy areas. The pitch of gable roofs also allows for sufficient water drainage while offering good ventilation, extra clearance height, and wider roof spans. 

Popular for their aesthetic value, gable roof carports are known for the elegance they add to the property. This type of carport also offers more flexibility when you need to park more than one car.  

A gable roof carport is an addition that promises a good return on investment if you are planning to lease or sell your property in the future. Gable roof carports might take longer and more expensive to set up, but the added value they provide makes everything worth it. A gable roof carport can be constructed using materials like aluminium, steel, and timber, depending on the design you are aiming for.

pitched or gable roof carport installation in Sydney
Standard Gable Roof Carport

Types of Gable Roof Carport

Gable roof carports offer a unique blend of traditional design and clean aesthetics. With the roof’s triangular shape and each of its corners bent downwards, this type of carport works best in areas that experience heavy rains or snowfall. 

There are two types of Gable roofs: 

  • The standard gable, which is the most common type of gable roof carport in general
  • The Dutch Gable, which is basically a standard gable roof but with parapets attached to it

Gable roof carports can be used for single carports, double carports, or even larger carports, depending on the amount of space that you need. Gable roofs are generally chosen according to the design of the property and the average amount of rain in the area.

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Carport Australia builds and designs gable roof carports with a wide range of heights or lengths to protect cars, bikes, motorhomes, caravans, farm machinery, and even large boats. Our modern gable roof carport designs ensure that your new carport will look perfect in any setting. With a wide selection of colours and designs, Carport Australia ensures that your new gable carport will add value to your existing property.

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We take care of everything, from the beginning to the end of the project. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the carport installation goes according to the client’s requirements.

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With COVID-19 breathing down our necks, we ensure that health protocols are upheld by implementing non-cash payment for our services using a bank card.

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All of our installers and specialists took advanced training courses and have diplomas related to the installation of carports in Australia.

Why should you choose a gable roof carport?

Just like other types of carports, gable roof carports have their own distinct characteristics, making them suitable for specific scenarios. Gable roof carports also offer several advantages, including the ones listed below. 

Highly adjustable

If you are looking for a carport that you can easily adjust to match your requirement, a gable roof is your best bet. With this type of carport, you have the freedom to modify the pitch and slope of your roofing according to your storage requirements. By changing the dimensions of your carport and the degree of its slope, your carport will perfectly complement the style and requirements of your existing structure. 

More spacious

Do you need to park multiple vehicles or large equipment? Then a gable roof carport is perfect for you. Since this type of carport is defined by its two sloping sides that form a ridge at the top, this unique design allows for a wider span compared to a flat roof carport. More space means more cars than you can park. You can also take advantage of the added clearance in the centre of the roof area. You can use it for extra headroom or storage space.


Don’t have the time to clean your carport’s roof? The gable roof carport is designed for busy people like you. Unlike a flat roof carport, this type of carport sheds water, snow, and debris more easily, making it an excellent option for those living in areas with heavier rain or snowfall. Since the gable roof has a steep pitch, water and snow will drain more easily and will less likely pool on the surface. Aside from being easy on the eyes, this carport also offers a good level of protection for your car and property. 


When it comes to carports, functionality is just as important as appearance. Fortunately, you get to enjoy both with gable carports. Customers can choose from a wide range of design options so that your carport can perfectly complement your property or make your carport stand out, depending on the effect that you want to achieve. You can also customise other design elements and tailor your carport according to your needs.

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