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For over 30 years, we’ve been installing insulated roof panels in Sydney for patios, carports, and outdoor spaces. Our certified builders take pride in offering our customers outdoor roofing solutions that are dependable and versatile, building code-compliant, and cost-effective.

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    Carport Australia provides quality pool fence installation for residential and commercial properties in Sydney. We offer aluminium and steel fencing that comes in a range of powder-coated colours, and designs. Ask us thru chat or call (02) 8005 5703 for a FREE Estimate. You may also fill out our form so a representative can reach out to you to discuss your project.

    If you’re looking for a reliable pool fence installer in Sydney, look no further than Carport Australia. Our aluminium and steel fencing is available in a variety of powder-coated colours and designs. We can make custom panels to accommodate stairways, tricky corners, or slopes in your pool area. You are no longer constrained by the size or dimensions of your current space.

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    Pool Fencing for Sydney Homes

    Why do you need a pool fence?

    If you have children, pets, or an elderly person at home, you must have a pool fence. Pool fencing is typically installed a few feet from the pool’s edge, preventing vulnerable people and animals from approaching the water’s edge and falling in. According to statistics, the vast majority of drownings in private swimming pools involve children under the age of five. Inadequate pool fencing is a major cause of drownings. In Sydney, pool owners are required by law to keep their pool area safe and to make sure that children are properly supervised. (Also check our COLORBOND® fence extension installations for pool areas.)

    Here are the laws that apply to pool fencing

    • Pools built before 1 August 1990 – Pool access from the house should be restricted at all times. Doors and windows may form part of the barrier, as long as they are compliant.
    • Pools built between 1 August 1990 and 1 July 2010 – Any pool constructed within this period must be surrounded by a fence that separates them from the house. Some exemptions apply. 
    • Pools built from 1 July 2010 – All new pools must be surrounded by a fence that separates the pool from the house.

    For any enquiries about pool fencing, feel free to ask us thru chat or call (02) 8005 5703. You may also fill out our enquiry form here.

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    Benefits of Installing a Pool Fence

    Top Reasons to Install a Pool Fence

    A swimming pool fence is a type of fence that is placed around swimming pools to create a passive barrier that restricts access to the pool by small children aged 0–5 years, pets, or vulnerable people. Aside from being compliant, here are the other benefits of pool fence installation.


    A pool fence is not child or pet-proof, but it does provide a layer of protection for a child or pet when adult supervision is lacking. Pool fences give parents more time to find a child before something unexpected happens. A young child can climb over a pool barrier if it is too low or has handholds or footholds to use when climbing.

    Peace of mind

    It's always a concern that you'll forget to close the pool gate when you're not there to supervise the kids. However, you can rest assured that most pool fencing and gates feature a guaranteed automatic close. You can rest easy knowing that your pool is fully fenced and automatically gated, eliminating the possibility of an accident occurring when you are not present.


    The cost of installing a swimming pool fence varies depending on location, material, and pool size. However, when looking for a pool fence, keep in mind that the cost of purchasing and installing the fence is insignificant when compared to the cost of losing a life. With cost being a major consideration, installing a low-maintenance pool fence is always a wise investment that will provide you with years of safety and satisfaction.


    There are endless style and design options. Pool fencing, like any other feature in your home, can add an element of style and design to your home. When it comes to their outdoor entertainment area, most Australian swimming pool owners prioritize safety and style. Create your ideal outdoor living space with the perfect pool fencing, which comes in an infinite number of designs.

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