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Types of Carports

We’re Sydney’s local carport builders who install quality, modern attached carports, free standing carports, and custom-designed carport sheds. Continue scrolling to find out what type of carport you should go for.

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    Popular Carport Types in Sydney

    Check out our wide range of premium carport styles below, and let our carport builders Sydney-wide install the best carport for you. Choose from any of the carport types or ask us to customise an attached or freestanding carport design.

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    Attached Skillion Carport

    An attached carport is one of the most common types of carport in Sydney. This carport is attached to your home’s current structure which provides stability and support.

    Our most popular type of attached carport is the one with a skillion roof or a single-sloping roof surface. An attached carport can also be built with a flat roof or gable roof design.

    An attached carport is quite the space-saver with no unnecessary wasted space between your home and the structure. Plus, as an extension of your home, you can use your carport as a pergola or marquee to host family BBQs and parties.

    carport australia faviconFree-Standing or Standalone Carport

    A free-standing carport is also known as a standalone carport that isn’t attached to any other structure. It’s essentially a detached open-air garage that protects your car from the elements like rain, hail, debris and sun damage. This type of carport can be built with a gable roof or flat roof design.

    Freestanding carports are easy to assemble and offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to the location of your carport, whether it’s constructed at the front, side or back of your home. 

    However, it’s essential that you have a strong foundation underneath a free-standing carport as they won’t have any other structural attachments giving it that extra support.

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    Cantilever Carport

    A cantilever carport is a modern type of carport that extends from one post on the ground versus other types of carports that have structural posts on both sides. Cantilever carports provide protection, shade and a sleek design. 

    Built with metal and polycarbonate, cantilever carports are durable, long-lasting and strong. Even with its supports coming from only one side, rest assured that a cantilever carport offers incredible structural integrity, relying on no other structure.

    Cantilever carports are beneficial as they take up hardly any ground space and are especially popular among businesses.

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    Gable Roof Carport

    A gable roof carport features a roof with two sloping sides that meet at the top, forming a point. Often built to match the style of the roof of most homes, a gable roof carport can be constructed as an attachment or as a free-standing structure.

    Gable roof carports are particularly beneficial for areas that experience heavy rainfall or snow as the sloped roof allows water and any other debris to easily drain. 

    A gable roof carport might use steel, aluminium, timber, or other custom materials that match your current home. And while they’re often more expensive and time-consuming to build, they’re known to increase the property value of your home in return, offering a solid investment overall.

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    Insulated Roof Carports

    While all carports can protect your car or boat from UV rays and weather, insulated roof carports can also protect against the heat of the sun. Insulated roof carports reduce heat transfer and keep your outdoor area nice and cool.

    In the strong Aussie sun, most homeowners opt for insulated roof carports to fully protect their cars, boats or anything else they store in their carport. And if you use your carport for parties and BBQs as well, insulated roof carports become an even better idea. 

    Insulated rooves can be installed on any kind of carport you’ve got your eye on and offer a double-layer to your carport roof, making it even stronger and sturdier at the same time.

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    Flat Roof Carport

    For a modern, minimalist design, a flat roof carport is perfect for when you haven’t got much space or you’re looking for a sleek finish to match your contemporary home. Also common for the corporate setting, flat roof carports offer a clean, simple style.

    A flat roof carport is often inexpensive, simple to install and overall low maintenance. Plus, they’re also rather versatile in terms of both sizing and colour options and you can also design the angle of the roof itself to slope a little for water drainage.

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    Dome-Shaped Carports

    A dome-shaped carport offers Australians a stunning piece of architecture. These carports have domed rooves shaped like inverted bowls, creating a sleek, modern look that many homeowners and businesses love. 

    Dome-shaped carports have the advantage of offering both protection from UV-rays and other environmental elements while allowing for proper drainage for rain, snow and debris. They also tend to be less noisy in the wind while remaining durable and stable during even the most intense weather conditions. 

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    Steel Carports

    A steel carport or COLORBOND Carport is simply a carport that’s made using steel. Extremely versatile and rather inexpensive, steel carports are a popular choice among Sydney homeowners for their durability and portability. 

    That’s right… steel carports are durable enough to protect your car from the elements with a sturdy structure while being portable enough to essentially pack up and take with you should you decide to move home. 

    Another perk is that they’re easy to maintain, seldom requiring any inspections or repairs. Plus, they’re fully customisable, like all our Carport Australia carports.

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    Timber Carport

    A timber carport is simply a carport built using timber. Often a popular choice due to being sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, timber carports are lightweight and easy to install.

    Timber carports also seem to last longer in that they’re simple to repair unlike other kinds of carports. So, you can expect a long-lasting product with a timber carport. All in all, a quality timber carport offers a natural, on-trend design, perfect for Sydney homes and businesses.

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    Useful Information About Sydney Carports

    Benefits of Quality Carports

    Carports in Sydney have countless benefits that ensure you get your money’s worth. Read more about the perks of carport installation and invest in your new custom carport today. You may also check our classic and contemporary colour palletes here.

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    Save Money

    First, you’ll save on car repairs. Since a carport protects your cars and other vehicles from damage due to heat, UV rays, debris, hail and more, you’ll spend less on car repairs over time.

    Next, carports are cheaper than building a garage while doing almost the same thing. You’ll save heaps of money by opting for a carport to protect your vehicle and you’ll still be able to protect other valuables in a lockable carport shed. You don’t really need a garage when a carport can save you money and get the job done just as well.

    Lastly, you won’t need to rent storage space when you install a carport. Again, when you opt for a carport shed attached to your carport, you’ll have additional storage space for items you use less frequently and for all your outdoor tools that seem out of place inside your home.

    So, as you can see, with all their benefits and money-saving power, it’s clear why many residents opt for a carport Sydney-wide.

    check iconProtection From the Elements

    One of the main reasons Australian homeowners choose to invest in a carport is to give their cars and other valuables proper protection from the elements. 

    Many families have more than one car to care for and parking on the street and in driveways don’t do much to protect those vehicles. And let’s face it, your car is probably one of your most valuable assets.

    In Sydney, we experience intense sunlight, heavy thunderstorms and even sometimes hailstorms. While we may not get snowfall in the winter, these other weather conditions are worth considering. 

    Powerful UV rays can damage your car’s paint, excess heat can warp its plastic and metal parts, and debris or frozen hail from a storm can do even worse. Therefore, carports can offer much-needed protection from the elements. 

    check iconKeep Your Car Cool in Summer

    Another benefit of carports is they help to keep your car cool. As Sydney locals, we’ve likely all experienced the unpleasantness of a burning hot steering wheel or scorching seatbelt buckle as a result of your car sitting too long in the sun. 

    Carports with insulated roof panels have even more cooling effects as they help to reduce heat transfer, protecting everything in your carport from those extreme temperatures in the summer. 

    Especially if you’re storing an expensive car or boat, musical instruments or you like to host parties under the shade of your carport, the ability to keep everything nice and cool is a huge perk. 

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    More Storage Space

    One thing about owning a home is that you could always use more storage space. So, instead of renting an expensive storage unit that’s inconvenient to access and gobbles your money each month, go for a carport shed instead. 

    When you install a bit of extra storage space within your carport, you’ll have easy access to everything you might need without taking up closet and wardrobe space in your home.

    A carport shed is perfect for storing holiday decorations, gardening tools, car cleaning supplies and more. Anything you might store in your garage can find a place in a carport shed making it a huge benefit of carport installation.

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    Carports are more multi-functional than you might think. On top of providing impeccable protection from the sun and weather conditions and offering more storage space as a carport shed, carports are also places to relax and entertain. 

    Since carports offer a more open-air experience than a garage does, carports can double as a pergola or patio where you can host parties, BBQs and any outdoor event. You’ll be shading your guests from the sun and giving them protection from the elements. 

    In short, carports are a multi-functional investment that you’ll certainly get your money’s worth of.

    check icon  Increase the Value of Your Home

    With all of their incredible benefits, it’s no surprise that Aussies understand that carports are actually an investment, boosting the value of your home. 

    Regardless of whether you choose a simple free-standing carport or a luxurious modern attached carport, any type of carport installation increases the market value of your home

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