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Attached Carport Installation in Sydney

If your home or building does not have off-street parking, such as a full garage, you can add considerable value to your property by building a new parking space. Getting a new parking space does not mean carving out a space in the existing structure, but rather, converting a part of your outdoor space into a carport. 

An attached carport is a convenient and popular way of protecting your car, especially for homeowners and building owners that don’t have the space or budget for a full garage. The vehicle will get the protection that it needs and you can get access to your car without being exposed to the rain or snow. With a carport attached to side of house, it is a lot easier to get kids, pets, and other items from the car to the interior living space. 

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Important Things to Know

What are the advantages of an attached carport?

Attached carports are popular for a reason — or multiple reasons. Here are some of the benefits of having a carport attached to side of house:


Better Space Management

When you are falling short of storage space or you don’t have a parking space for your car, an attached carport is one of the most convenient solutions. All you need to do is free some space at the side of your house and building to make way for the attached carport. 


Multiple Functions

Aside from housing your car and protecting it from the harsh weather conditions, you can also use it as an extension of your home. You can spend some leisure time here under the roof or throw a BBQ party for your family and friends. An attached carport gives you an open shelter to do some leisure activities without worrying about the rain or extreme sunlight. You can also use the carport as a storage area for your tools, equipment, and other household items. 


Easy to Install

Installing a carport attached to house is not as complicated as it looks. You can choose the design and have the carport installers do the job for you. You can also choose what materials to use that would complement your home so your carport doesn’t stick out or look awkward. You can choose to have an attached timber carport or a steel carport, depending on your requirements. 


High Durability

An attached carport is a one-time investment that gives your property an added value in the long run. Most attached carports are built to be durable and long-lasting, characteristics that are necessary to provide protection for your car and belongings from harsh weather elements.

What exactly is an attached carport?

An attached carport has a very literal name. As the name implies, an attached carport is a carport attached to house or a building. The primary goal of a carport attached to side of house is to keep your car safe from the damage caused by wind, rain, sun, and other weather elements. However, it can also be a place used for impromptu entertaining or for holding small gatherings. 


In an attached carport, the door typically leads to the inside of the property, creating an extension where you can park your  vehicle and store equipment, tools, and other household items. It is the most common carport option for houses, especially for those that do not have a wide outdoor space. Attached garages often come in standard shape and size, but customisation options are available to cater to the client’s requirements. 

Attached garages offer a lot of benefits to homeowners. They are convenient to use, especially in bad weather, less expensive to build, and can raise property values. The attached carport can also use the electrical and heating systems of the main structure. Plus, since the carport is attached to the house, the property can enjoy additional thermal benefits as the carport roof stops the sun from directly hitting the wall on the side of the house. This way, the carport keeps the house cooler.


A single attached carport is the most popular choice because it is a lot cheaper than double carports. It uses less material and takes less time to install, making this carport option budget friendly. But if you have multiple vehicles or need to store large equipment, having a large covered parking makes more sense. As long as you have the space to build on and council approval (if required), you can have your attached carport built as large as you like.

Why is it important to hire certified carport builders?

Generally, there should be no problems with adding an attached carport to your home. However, you need to ensure that it is done correctly to avoid structural problems in the future. For example, you have to make sure that the property’s facias and eaves are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the span of the carport. 


To make sure your attached carport is installed correctly, it is best to get professionals to build it for you. Carport Australia is the leading installer of attached carports in Sydney and surrounding areas. We ensure that your carport is designed and built according to the local council regulations so you don’t have to worry about compliance. We also offer a wide range of attached carport designs you can choose from, with the option to customise to make it blend with your existing property.

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