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For over 30 years, we’ve been building patios and installing decks made of composite wood. Our certified deck builders take pride in building dependable and versatile decks for homes in Sydney NSW. All our deck projects are building code-compliant. We’re the only builders who offer cost-effective solutions to suit any budget!

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    Certified Composite Deck Builders in Sydney

    Carport Australia caters to property owners throughout Sydney and provides solutions to many of the construction industry’s most pressing issues. Our low-maintenance, quick-to-install composite decking will add value to your property while improving its aesthetic appeal and improving your lifestyle. 

    Our decking material options differ from traditional wood and offer numerous benefits. The composites we use are simple to use, look great, and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Our products have been tested and certified to Australian standards, giving you peace of mind on your low-maintenance deck. Our composite decking boards are ideal for increasing efficiency and ensuring that all jobs are completed with minimal fuss. Chat now or call (02) 8005 5703!

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    How to Choose the Right Deck Materials

    Not all decking materials are appropriate for every home, but a decking specialist can provide you with personalised advice. Here are some key distinctions between composite decking products:

    • Capped composite decking has an additional layer added during the manufacturing process. It makes the boards more stain resistant and durable, but it also raises the price.
    • Fastening: Composite boards can be drilled and screwed in the same way that wood boards can, but more expensive products typically come with hidden fasteners.
    • Finish: More expensive composite decking will have more intricate grain and color patterns that are more random and closely resemble the look of real wood.
    •  Scalloping: Some composite decking has scalloped or unfinished bottoms, which can reduce cost but also durability.
    • Waterproofing/Fireproofing: Depending on the brand, fully waterproof and fireproof composite decking can be more expensive than basic products.

    Composite Decking vs Timber

    You will save time and money by using composite materials. Installation is the most expensive part of a project, followed by product maintenance.  

    Unlike hardwood or wood decks that require thousands of dollars in staining, oiling, sealing, and painting, composite materials require no maintenance. A quick wipe or pressure wash is all that is required to maintain the look of your deck – ideal for any business or homeowner.

    Carport Australia provides professional decking installation in Sydney, making sure that composite decking boards are fitted correctly to reap the material’s long-term benefits. If you have questions about composite decking or want to get a quote for your deck, contact our team at Carport Australia and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

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    Composite Deck Installations in Sydney

    Composite decking is a popular alternative decking material to solid wood, and it convincingly mimics the color and grain of real wood. Composite wood is smooth to the touch and requires less maintenance than solid wood decking. Carport Australia installs quality decks for Sydney homeowners and business owners. We can get the job done quickly and easily in as little as 7 days!

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    Benefits of Composite Decking

    What are the advantages of using composite wood for your deck?

    Customers are switching to composite decks for several reasons, including low or no maintenance, anti-slip resistance, and an extended product life that is greener, sustainable, and friendlier to our environment. Let’s look at these advantages one by one.

    Less maintenance

    One of the most significant advantages of composite decking is its low maintenance. Traditional wood decks require extensive maintenance every 1 to 3 years and must be replaced every 10 to 15 years — a time-consuming and costly process. Wood decks must also be power-washed and stained on a regular basis to maintain their color.

    No pest or insect damage

    Composite decking is designed to withstand the elements while looking exactly like natural wood. It is also less susceptible to insect damage than wood. Using composite decking is one of the best ways to protect against insects such as termites and ants.

    More durable

    There's a reason durability is one of the most important characteristics of composite decks. They are constructed from hundreds of high-quality materials, all of which contribute to their overall strength and long-term durability. Nonetheless, when compared to other decking materials, composite decks are strong enough to withstand heavy traffic as well as the weight of furniture, family pets, and other items.

    Wooden decks require a lot of maintenance, which can drain not only your energy but also your finances. The original luster of wood boards can fade in as little as six months due to UV rays, precipitation, and other weathering agents.

    Stylish outdoors

    A composite deck is an excellent substitute for all-wood decking. These boards won't splinter and are safe for bare feet, which is especially important when you have children and pets around. They're made with small wood fibers encased in plastic.

    Easy cleaning and maintenance

    Composite decking has high-definition wood grain patterns that make it feel and look more natural than ever. There are numerous decking color options available, as well as a wide range of deck accessories such as railings, gates, pergolas, and more, for that custom outdoor look you've been looking for.

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    Types of Composite Decking

    Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips when choosing your composite decking: 

    1. Gather as many samples as you want.
    2. Throw away anything that has a hollow core.
    3. Test your own scratch and durability. (Does the cap’s edge chip away under your fingernail?)
    4. Spill some red wine and bbq fat on them for 48 hours and see how easy they are to clean.
    5. Do you care about BAL and Slip ratings? Inquire about the written reports. If the testing was not performed by Australian testers, discard the samples.

    Everything from colours and textures to stability and comfort underfoot differs. What they all have in common is that they are all made from unique combinations of natural wood fibres and plastic. However, the type of plastic used and the product mix vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.

    Recycled polyethylene, PVC, or polypropylene plastic

    Everything from colours and textures to stability and comfort underfoot differs. What they all have in common is that they are all made from unique combinations of natural wood fibres and plastic. However, the type of plastic used and the product mix vary greatly depending on the manufacturer.

    To give the material its superior resistance to moisture and mold growth, manufacturers will typically use recycled polyethylene, PVC, or polypropylene plastic. In general, these plastic composites will not splinter or crack over time like pressure treated (PT) wood.

    Polyethylene (PE) plastic

    Polyethylene (PE) plastic (the stuff used to make milk jugs) has long been the plastic material of choice for many composite deck builders due to its widespread availability (and subsequent low price). However, in recent years, consumers have begun to demand better performance from the composite decking products they buy. Customers are looking for composite decking materials that have better structural strength, resist fading and staining, and remain cooler underfoot while not having to paint, sand, and stain composites like PT wood.

    Polypropylene (PP) Plastic

    Polypropylene (PP), which is used in DuraLife’s composite decking products, is less brittle than PE plastic, making it a more durable material ingredient. Because of polypropylene plastic’s superior chemical absorption resistance and high melting point, composites made with PP have increased durability, stain resistance, and are cooler. 

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