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A carport is an ideal place to store your car if you don’t have a garage, don’t want to install a full garage, or have limited space. Carports are designed to protect your car from harmful weather elements, such as too much heat, rain, and  wind. They can also be used as extra space storage or an entertaining area for small gatherings.

When choosing a design for your carport, one of the factors that you need to consider is the type of roof you will need. One of the most common choices is the flat roof carport because it is less expensive, easy to install, and low in maintenance. 

flat roof carport with solar panels
Flat roof carport with solar panels installed

Flat roof carports are available in different pitches and designs. Flat roofs can be used to cover a single, double, or extra large carport, depending on your space requirements. Flat roof carports are popular as complementary attachments by matching the colour of the existing property.

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Carport Australia is a team of trusted carport builders who designs and installs flat roof carports in Sydney. We offer a wide range of carport solutions for residential and commercial clients.

We ensure that all our projects comply with the relevant local regulations, including wind loads and rainwater capacity. We also provide customised flat roof carport designs according to your requirements or needs.

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Quick Facts About Flat-roof Carports

What are flat roof carports?
As the name suggests, flat roof carports are characterised by their flat roofs that are slightly angled to allow water to flow off and prevent it from getting stuck. Flat roof carports are the fastest and easiest to build and they are very cost-friendly.  You can have your flat roof carport built beside your property or any area that has free space. A flat roof carport is easy to customise because you can choose your desired color to make it complement your garden or your home. Flat roof carports can be constructed using timber and metal, while the roof itself can be made of polycarbonate, GRP, PVC, plastic, metal, and plastic roofing sheets.  Flat roof carports are ideal for those looking for a good carport solution but are tight on budget. Since it is easy to build and requires less material, this type of carport has lower installation cost. Flat roof carports may not be the most sophisticated carport option for homes and buildings, but they have their own advantages. They are generally more stable and easily accessible compared to other carport options. The flat roof also makes the carport easier to climb, but make sure that safety precautions are taken.
What are the advantages of Flat Roof Carports

It is no coincidence that flat roof carports are the most popular carport options in Australia. This type of carport has a lot of benefits, including the ones listed below: 

They are easy to install. 

Because of the simple design, flat roof carports can be designed and built quickly and easily. In fact, it is the easiest to install among the different types of carports. With its ease of installation, flat roof carports can save you money on installation and labor costs. You can build the carport wherever you like, as long as there is enough space. You can have it attached to your house or built as a freestanding unit, depending on the size of carport that you need.

They are low in maintenance. 

These carports have no slopes and valleys to clean and maintain because the roof is just one flat slab. When you are cleaning on the roof, there is a lesser chance of slipping since the slope is not pretty steep. You can also take advantage of the extra space underneath the roof or the surface of the roof itself.

They are budget friendly. 

From the design and installation to the cost of materials used, flat roof carports are generally cheaper than other carports. The simple design and cost-friendly materials make its upkeep more affordable. 

They are customisable. 

Flat roof carports come in different sizes and colours, depending on the design that you want. You can design the carport in a way that the size and look complements your garden or property. Whether you install it in your backyard or your front area, a flat roof carport can effortlessly blend in.

They add value to your property. 

Your flat roof carport should not only protect your car from the sun, rain, and other harsh weather elements, but should also help improve the overall appearance of your home. A flat roof carport’s architectural appeal can help add aesthetic value to your property, increasing its market value along the way. 

They are more accessible.

Because of the simple design, you may find that flat roof carports are relatively more stable and a lot easier to access than sloped carports. Since the roof is flat, it is easier to climb on when doing inspection, cleaning, and maintenance work. 

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