Cantilever Carport installation for commercial spaces in Sydney

Cantilever Carport Installation in Sydney

Another popular carport design in Australia is the Cantilever Carport. This modern cantilever design supports a sloped roof extending outward from a fixed post. Its clean and sleek look provides maximum car coverage with minimum interference from the support posts. It can be a bit more costly to build because of the material stresses involved, but a cantilever carport is worth the investment due to its many applications and benefits. 

Cantilever carports are the best way to protect your car and property from the heat of the sun and other weather conditions. They take up minimal space and have many uses for businesses, aside from protecting your car. 

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Carport Australia is a trusted installer of cantilever carports and other carport types in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. We make sure that the cantilevers are built to provide you with maximum space while making sure that it blends well with your space.


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Carport Australia is the leading cantilever carport Sydney provider, offering quality and cost-effective designs for residential and commercial clients. Our wide range of cantilever carport solutions makes it easier for clients to envision the look that they want to achieve. We also offer customisation options to cater to the client’s specific needs.

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Quick Facts about Cantilever Carports

What are the benefits of cantilever carports?

Cantilever carports are popular among buildings and business establishments due to their advantages. 


They only take up a small space. 

Cantilever carports are built to remain balanced and strong, even with minimal support structures. This means that you will only need a few poles or support to build the cantilever carport, thus leaving you with more usable space under the structure. 


They are versatile. 

This carport design is not restrictive because it can be used in multiple settings. This structure can even be customised to blend into the look of any space. Aside from providing cover for your car, cantilevers have many other applications, ranging from patios to parks and swimming pools.


But one of the most practical applications of cantilevers is the carport. It can save your car doors from scratches and dents by removing the posts from one side of the driveway. It is also a practical option for instances where access is tight and it is impossible to erect four posts.


They don’t require approval from the local council. 

Attaching another structure to an existing property in Sydney means getting permits and other requirements from the local council since the attachment is deemed a permanent addition to the property. A free standing cantilever carport is an entirely separate structure, just like a gazebo, and can be classified as removable. This reduces the paperwork you need to comply with for the carport installation. 


Cantilever carports can be customised. 

Cantilevers can give you full car coverage and maximise space without cluttering your area up with posts. The cantilever is a very common design preferred by a lot of clients and can be used in various areas. It may seem like all cantilever carports are the same, but some aspects can be  tailored to the client’s needs, such as the height, the roofline curvature, and the direction of the water runoff. 


They create an open air atmosphere. 

Cantilever carports are a lightweight and versatile option that offers a fantastic sense of space. Since there are only two main posts and the three sides are open, you can easily enjoy an open-air view of your surroundings.


They require less maintenance. 

Since cantilever carports are made mostly of metal, aluminium, and polycarbonate materials, the structure is designed to be sturdy and strong, enabling it to weather heavy rains, snow, and the extreme heat of the sun. Some materials even reduce the heat and  protect the car from the damaging UV rays.

What makes a cantilever carport different from other carport types?

Cantilever carport means less posts and more open space for your structure. It uses a combination of metal and polycarbonate materials, making them durable and long lasting. Cantilever carports can provide protection when your vehicle is parked outside your home or workplace.


Cantilever Carport Sydney is in demand because of the countless benefits it brings. The greatest advantage of this type of carport is the fact that it only needs support posts on one side of the structure. Other carport styles with conventional design require posts on both sides, which means at least four posts or two posts on one side and a type of another type of structure on the other side. 


You don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of the structure since the loads of the cantilever are contained within the frame. The cantilever is usually free standing and does not rely on any other structure. 


Another reason why this cantilever carport is popular is because of the view. In cases where a view must not be obstructed (such as a park or a resort) or where the extra posts of the carport would make it difficult for you to access the vehicle, cantilever carports are your best bet.

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